Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bee Blessed Pippi and Hearts Quilt

I have been lax in showing you Bee Blessed finishes of late but thankfully Judith has been keeping up with them over at her blog.  Check here, here and here if you'd like to see some more in progress and finished (and just to prove we do actually do more than just eat cake when we are together).

I do, however, have this pretty to reveal today.  This is one of our two Pippi Girl and Hearts quilts that we were able to make up from your generously donated blocks last year.  (So, if you don't see your blocks here, they are most likely in the second quilt.)

When we set these blocks it was always our intention to alternate the Pippi Girls with the hearts and I think it has produced a really fun quilt layout.  By good chance, the blocks donated for the quilts worked themselves into two kinds of colour ways.  Funny how that happens sometimes when we sort through the gathered blocks.  This one has more of a multi-coloured feel with a definite lean towards orange (in the block border piecing and Pippis hairstyles and clothing) than the other which is quite strongly deep pinks, reds and purples and every bit as lovely!  We need to show you a pic of that one soon.

I happened to be the person to bind and label the quilt, hence I have it home with me and available for photos, but this really is a fantastic collaborative effort from many of you who send us the Bee blocks so faithfully and from our tireless Bees who meet up monthly to pull all the blocks and quilts together.  Doesn't this (and all our other quilts too) just show what working together in this fantastic quilting community can achieve?  We have still to discuss and allocate a recipient for this Pippi and hearts quilt, but rest assured it will be donated where there is need of thoughtfulness and blessing.

We have taken a little break from block setting for a month or two just to find our feet again and catch up on the quilts for which you have already sent us blocks.  There are also some changes ahead as sadly Judith and I find ourselves unable to continue leading the Bee, but I am very happy to say that the other Bees are really keen to keep up the good work and take on the mantle for which they will be very able.  Not all of the details have been ironed out yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we have more info so that you can keep supporting Bee Blessed in your ever-generous ways.  For now, enjoy the wee break from block making, but don't forget about us!

When I posted this finished quilt on IG it got lots of attention and admiration and I thought that perhaps I should remind you where you might get the block tutorials in case you'd like to make such a quilt yourselves or indeed, for another charity. The simple heart tutorial is here on my blog and Pippi is strutting her stuff over on Judith's blog.  Have fun if you have a go!!


  1. I think it is entirely understandable, that you will need to take a break from leading that bee... You will be rather busy with other stuff!

  2. Love that orange binding! Pippi and hearts are so lovely together. Jxo

  3. Fantastic news that the bee will keep going, I would love to help again in the future. Hope you've got your feet up :)

  4. That's a gorgeous quilt and it's great news that BB is going to continue in some form or another!

  5. The hearts are perfect with Pippi - I love those blocks and the resulting quilts is gorgeous!

  6. Such a happy quilt. Pippi was one of my favourite blocks to make

  7. Such a happy quilt. Pippi was one of my favourite blocks to make


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