Sunday, 17 May 2015

Changing Rooms

Say "hello" to my little one.  

There's still a little while to go before he/she arrives in our lives but there are some other family priorities between now and then that pushed us in to shifting and hauling furniture and buying new flat packs this weekend in order to create a space for him/her in our home.

The sewing room and all of these boxes, books, equipment and notions had to be sorted, re-packed and shipped out to make room for new wardrobes and baby paraphernalia.

All cleared and washed down, ready for our trip to Ikea.

I put my men to work yesterday afternoon.  On the down side, DIY of any kind is on Hubby's 'most hated' list.   This sort of thing happens only when absolutely necessary and amid mutterings, steam and much frustration mainly because it doesn't involve sports kit and open air in forests or on mountainsides.  On the plus side, DS was there and happy to help, so the ratio of good vibes to the huffing and puffing ones were kept up significantly!

Pleased with themselves for finishing and, I think, Hubby is relieved to finally be done with the instruction leaflets!

So now, we have a nursery in waiting and it's all getting a bit real and exciting.   Obviously, there's a little more to do but it's good that the heavy work and the DIY mood swings are over for another while!

And, my sewing room?  Well, it's all packed up in boxes and mostly disguised under quilts and cushions on top of our wardrobes or under the bed.  Job done!

Now, I'm off to put my feet up!


  1. sounds like my hubby, he had reather be outside

  2. I had to smile when you said the bit about hubby being glad to be finished with instruction leaflets because most men don't seem to bother with them anyway :-) so if you're sewing room is all packed up when does it get unpacked? Or should I not ask?

  3. Ooh, hello little one! Can't wait to meet you! The nursery looks great, and all your sewing stuff still looks pretty accessible when you get a free hour or two. Well done!

  4. Hello cute little one! Can't wait to meet you for real. Well done men! Jxo

  5. Can't wait to "meet" your little one when they put in an appearance. I hope it's not too long before you're able to play with your fabrics again :) xx

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  8. Oh so exciting! how long now before tiddles makes it into the world? approximately of course... they come when they feel ready! The room looks ready for the new littley! Don't count on sewing much soon!

  9. I saw the scan photo and was going to say "bless" and then saw the photo of the hub and ds working tighter (typo meant together) and thought bless all over again

  10. Hello, little one! Her (his?!) room looks lovely...let's hope the cot comes ready assembled, though!


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