Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wee pretty

A bit of late night QAYG last night started a small cosmetic purse to match my QAYG tote bag.  It didn't take much more stitching this evening to finish it.

More Bonnie and Camille goodness - using up scrappy bits and pieces.

I don't carry lots of cosmetics so I made this pouch less deep than usual.  Though I think that the contents of the pouch are beginning to betray my age.

No glamour cosmetics for me these days.  Oh no!  Hand cream, 1 lippy, glasses wipes, indigestion tablets and paracetamol are my necessities these days.  Oh well, it may be sad but it looks pretty in there!  

One last pic just to show off my co-ordinating accessories -


  1. Ooooh they look so lovely together!

  2. how good to have a matching set, very nice too

  3. They look awesome together! What a super idea :)

    Who cares what you have tucked in your purse? I have tissues, a mini hair brush, lip balm and painkillers. Not too rock-and-roll myself.

  4. looks a great pair. I have a little zippy pouch with essentials in but don't carry make up with me when I go out apart from a lippy. What I put on in the am has to last me through. But defo' need tablets and stuff. What a pretty pouch for yours.

  5. THey look great together. I must make a pouch for my bag (s). I normally keep things in loads of pockets but I can never remember which pocket I put them in xxx

  6. Great combo, and no-one will be looking inside anyway ;o)

  7. So fabulous! I've got bag envy!


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