Wednesday, 2 July 2014

FAL Quarter 2 2014: Round Up

Finish Along 2014

Katy has decreed that the time to admit to our successes with our Finish-a-long Quarter 2 Goals is upon us.  So let me review:

1 - Crazy Scrappy block quilt
16 of these cheery blocks and some navy fabric for sashing are tucked up in a box on the sewing room shelf. I think it's time to make something of them.  Yep, all finished - tick no 1.

Starter blocks
Fun finish!

2 - Mystery Medallion Quilt
Not quite such a Mystery now that the quilt top is finished, my medallion quilt is currently hanging on the back of the sewing room door.  If I can source one of those dual positioning quilting guide arms I would like perhaps to spiral quilt this one.  I would love to finish it this quarter.  A little quilting drama notwithstanding, I did it - eventually.  I LOVE this quilt, though I didn't spiral it as planned.

All pieced and waiting to become ...

this big TA DA!
3 - Ruby Churn Dash bed quilt
I think I have made about 33 of the 49 churn dashes that I need for this bed quilt, and I love them!  The remaining blocks are all cut and it would be good if I could finish this during the quarter so it can be in use when it becomes warm enough to sideline the duvet (she says optimistically). Hmmm... not a finish this quarter but I do now have a pieced quilt top.  At least it's progress.

I did progress from just some blocks ...
to all of the blocks pieced into rows.

4 - Kaffe Fassett Sparkling Gemstones Quilt
Left aside with a Pam Lintott Sparkling Gemstones quilt pattern in mind, this sadly neglected fabric deserves a little attention.  I think I could be pushing things hoping for a finish on this one in quarter 2, but sure you never know ....  Whispering very softly, this one is still in the box, still sadly neglected.

5 - Crocheted Ripple Throw
Been quite a long time since I started this crocheted throw back when I was in need of amusement during the many long hours a week I spent as a poolside mum.  Things changed and I haven't been poolside this year so the bag of crochet has been a little neglected.  It needs to be finished and since I only have that small amount of yarn remaining, I am hoping that Qtr 2 will see it rippled to a pretty finish. It won't be huge, probably just a lap sized throw.  Yay for another finish to declare!  My little throw is complete and draped over the back of my sofa, proving perfect as a shoulder wrap when the temperature drops a little late at night.

Not quite finished.

Wavy loveliness!

6 - Hunter's Star Cushion
I really need to switch out some older cushion covers from the lounge and I decided a while back to use the Hunter's star pattern for one of the replacements.  The fabrics are pulled and I've already cut some of the paper templates, so maybe one weekend I can turn on some tunes and make this a Qtr 2 success.

There was a lot more piecing in this that I realised.

But it was worth it.

I am going to call 4 out of 6 goals completed a respectable result for the quarter.  

I would so love to have finished the Ruby quilt so that it could have actually been put to use the past few weeks of warm nights, but in my defence I did have the quilting dramas of the Medallion to contend with.  I also managed the Retro Butterflies quilt from start to finish at class, as well as my windmill petals cushion and QAYG tote which weren't started at the beginning of the quarter so didn't qualify to be listed.  Add in a slew of blocks for my three bees and I'm happy with Sew Me productivity levels this quarter, even if they're not all FAL projects.

Got to say though that having a FAL goals list each of these two quarters is really helping my WIPs an UFOs to be brought under control.  A little accountability seems to work well for me.  Thanks for keeping us all at it Katy!

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  1. Seriously good finishes! And the crochet is almost there.

  2. You've done so well there Sarah, I love the cushion, the patience you have :)

  3. Love your finishes, especially the red and white medallion xxx

  4. Congratulations on four lovely finishes!!

  5. great finishes, the crazy one is one of my most favourite quilts ever and love the Kaffe fabrics, wish they7would come down in price so I could buy some!

  6. Well done on some really lovely finishes!

  7. You've finished some amazing stuff and a great variety too.

  8. Love the finishes! Well done and looking forward to your next list!


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