Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New Inspiration

I'm sure you've heard all about the launch of the latest quilting magazine to hit our shelves.  The first issue of Quilt Now was published last week and there's been a massive buzz on social media since.

To be honest, I don't normally do magazines of any kind.  I want to, but generally find that there's too much advertising and not enough content. I know, I know, bah humbug me.  Anyhow, for reasons unknown to me I was enticed a few months back to sign up to Quilt Now on a great £5 for three issues deal, and I'm glad I did.

Let me say now that I have no vested interest in promoting this magazine, other than sharing that I think the first issue is full of pretty projects you will love.  Taking an hour with a cup of tea to read through the magazine was a feast for my wee stitcher's eyes.

I really loved the layout, the projects, the articles and just the general feel of it.  Have to admit I was also quite excited that a pattern page of full size templates was included.  No having to figure out where to take the magazine to blow up the photocopies to 225%!

I limited myself to just four projects as potentials or I really would get carried away!  Clockwise from top left: I fancy the look of Fiona's giant apple core EPP, the strawberry pincushion free gift, Katy's pixellated heart quilt and the Quilt Now BOM which will be a medallion quilt designed by Reene.

 First, I made up the little freebie strawberry pincushions just for the fun of it.  (Yep, more avoidance.)

Then I got a bit carried away pulling from my stash for the BOM.  As I pulled fabrics I realised that actually I am a blender girl.  My stash is rather devoid of statement prints (except perhaps for my Bonnie and Camille fabrics) and it's interesting that blenders of various kinds are what I obviously tend to choose if I'm not buying for a specific project.  Anyway, this BOM is a mystery so I'm going to try to work from stash (because it really is time to use some of it up) AND I'm going to give low volume background a try for this project.  I'm not convinced that LV and I get along entirely, but if I keep the emphasis on LOW volume and create a very distinctive contrast in my use of colour, perhaps this experiment will succeed.

So here's my version of Reene's central medallion block -

My centre star is a wee bit off on the left side but I'm very happy with it generally and am looking forward to what Reene and Quilt Now have in store for us next time!

If you do happen to spot Quilt Now out there on the shelves and feel even slightly tempted, I really think you won't be disappointed.  As you can see, I have found some lovely inspiration and these are only a few of the projects you'll find inside.

Right I'm off now, I have some apple cores to cut out!


  1. Oh mate, tumblers are easier :) xxxx

  2. Yay! Your block really does look fab! I'm looking forward to seeing your BOM develop ;)

  3. I had a flick through Lorraine's copy last night and liked what I saw! Loving your BOM centre! The LV prints work really well. Jxo

  4. like you I am enjoyng the new magazine but have yet to do anything from it, my favourite piece along with the BOM is Justine`s windmills

  5. I want to make Reene's block too but I'm a little intimdated by it, curves and I don't see eye to eye! Once I've done it though I know I will be able to do anything :D

  6. ah a new magazine, in the past fortnight this has been my trawl
    1 patchwork and quilting magazine
    1 slimming world magazine
    2 genealogy magazines
    1 housey magazine
    scary when you think about it

  7. Love the block, and hope you enjoy the mag! You may recognise some other contributors soon ;o)

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