Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mystery Medallion Quilt - Border 5

I spent a little time on Sunday planning the next steps with my Mystery Medallion Quilt and since planning isn't as exciting as actually sewing, I couldn't resist the temptation to go ahead and add the fifth border.

It's another plain border with cornerstones and although I hadn't necessarily set out to add another such border it does feel right to me to somehow separate the various patterned borders from each other.  I was a little afraid that it would be too boring to do this, but I think that by varying the plain border widths and the values of the fabrics used in each that it doesn't feel too rigid or restrictive.  Well, that's what I'm thinking anyway.

Of course, as well as being a variation to the scale of previous plain borders, this skinny one has been specifically sized to accommodate my plans for border 6, which include 300 2.5" squares.  See, I've been cutting already ...

These will form most of the borders but I'm still trying to decide what to add at the corners.  Maybe a wee star?

Anyway, while I decide, if you are interested in catching up on border 5

Here's what I did

Border 5 - bringing unfinished size up to 50.5" square
Single border with contrasting cornerstones.
Cut 4:  1.5" squares for cornerstones
Cut 4:  1.5" x 48.5" for border strips  (using 5 strips 1.5" x FWOF pieced together should give you enough to cut the four required lengths from)

As ever, you can find all the how tos and blog post links in one place on the Mystery Medallion Quilt Tab at the top of the page - and please let me know if you ever try out this medallion quilt, I'd love to see some other examples.


  1. This is looking amazing, but really?? 300 squares? You will be gozzy eyed by the time you get them done!


  2. 300?! Holy crap! Well have fun with that...

  3. 300 squares? I am making my own red medallion and have only done the centre square. Should I stop now? 300?

  4. Wow - I am in awe of this... it is just lovely. You must be so pleased with the way it has turned out! xCathy

  5. this just gets more and more wonderful, I do so like the variation in the borders,

  6. You are so super talented!!! Absolutely love this quilt. Well done.

  7. Really fab, gorgeous quilt top.

  8. This medallion is looking great!

  9. Good luck with the 300, I'm tempted to start collecting red and white fabric ni was this looks brilliant.


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