Friday, 14 March 2014

Two tops

I've been piecing quilt tops for Bee Blessed for the past couple of evenings.

I brought a nice little pack of trimmed, sorted and labelled woven blocks back from the last Bee Blessed meeting.  A bit of easy peasy stitching and pressing and hey presto

a scrappy woven block quilt top.

I also brought home one of the yummy layer cakes that we were generously donated a while back (we are getting to all the lovely fabric donations, promise).  So this morning before work I took this loveliness

and chopped it all up as per my Brick Layer Cake instructions.  Then, after work this afternoon I started my bank holiday weekend by happily stitching up a quilt top that I now don't want to give away.

I love these Kate Spain Good Fortune fabrics.  Until I opened the layer cake I hadn't seen all of these prints before.  You know how with a layer cake there's often a square or two you could live without, well, not this one.  I can honestly say that there wasn't one print I didn't like and it was also nice that the prints weren't bulked out with the addition of solids.  My photo doesn't do the colours justice, but trust me, it's sooooo pretty.

So there you have it - two quilt tops for Bee Blessed.  Since these are collaborative projects I may not be the person who finishes these lovelies off, but it has been fun to be a part of them.  Thank you for your part in them too whether that's by donated blocks or fabrics.

Now, for the rest of my weekend, there may be some Medallion quilt piecing in my plans (fingers crossed).


  1. beautiful. I have 2 charm packs of Good Fortune that I am going to break open next month. It is such a beautiful line.

  2. Gorgeous. You are on a roll. Bee Blessed is so lucky to have you have and Jude.

  3. I love the bricks top! The colors are amazing. I can totally understand that you do not want to give it away.

  4. Wow and double wow! I love them both! Jxo

  5. I can see why you wouldn't want to give them away, they are gorgeous. Enjoy your long weekend x

  6. These are beautiful tops! I like the results of random compositions.

  7. Great use of Good Fortune! Showing off all of those beautiful colors. The woven effect of the first top is very cool!


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