Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mystery Medallion Quilt - Border 6

Well folks, my 300 2.5" squares are all stitched up now and here's what they look like on my Mystery Medallion Quilt.

It took a little longer than I thought to piece all those little squares together but it was worth it.

I wanted something special for the cornerstones of this border because this is the final border of the quilt - yay!  I decided on Le Moyne stars and a little bit of paper piecing later I had these four to finish off my quilt.

So, there you have it.  The full Mystery of the Mystery Medallion has revealed itself coming to life from my head into fabric reality.

My verdict:  I have LOVED every minute of thinking this quilt through, calculating the measurements, watching the borders grow and trying to think what would look good next when I didn't plan anything ahead of time.  My one uncertainty about the quilt top is actually about those final cornerstones and whether perhaps I should have made them in a white background instead of the red, but I'm not going to think about it too much.

So, as with all the other details for this quilt

Here's what I did

Border 6 - bringing finished size up to 62.5" square
Make 4 sets of checkerboard borders - each one is 3 rows of 25 2.5" squares
Make 4 Le Moyne Star blocks for the cornerstones - each block 6.5" unfinished

For the checkerboard borders:
Cut 148:  2.5" squares white fabric
Cut 152:  2.5" squares red prints

Layout squares in desired pattern and stitch to form 4 border units of 3 rows x 25 squares each.

For the Le Moyne Star blocks:
Make 4 blocks.  Download and print templates for paper pieced Le Moyne Star blocks (6.5" unfinished blocks) -  Take care to check the patterns are the correct size when printed.  You may need to turn off your scaling or adjust it to 100% to get it to print exactly.

Add a Le Moyne Star block to each end of the top and bottom borders.  Stitch the side checkerboard borders on first and then finish by adding the top and bottom borders to your quilt top.

If you fancy having a go at this Medallion Quilt design yourself, all of the how tos have been collated for you on the Mystery Medallion Quilt tab at the top of the page.  If you ever do make up a quilt to this design, I hope you will come back and share a link to your quilt pics for me to see.

Now, obviously while piecing the top is complete this quilt has a way to go before I can call her a finish proper.  I am still trying to decide if I want to spiral quilt this one, so think I will mull it over for a bit.  In the meantime I shall enjoy the fact that I have finally made a quilt from the red and whites I collected and I have my own medallion quilt too!


  1. It looks fab, well done you! And I like the red background on the stars, I think the white would have lost its 'final round' feel, the red seems to contain it (please just smile and nod through this ;o) )

  2. amazing and like Kathy my first thought was red was right for the corner stones, white would have just blended in, this is a super quilt, all those 2" squares and having to match them wow

  3. It looks amazing. You definitely made the right choice with the red corners, they are perfect

  4. This is seriously beautiful and I can't wait to see it in the Bloggers Quilt Festival in the two colour quilt category. Hint, hint!

  5. have so loved seeing this quilt come together x well done x

  6. It's brilliant! Loving those Le Moyne cornerstones! Well done, Jxo

  7. Wow - what a gorgeous quilt. I love quilts with a limited colour palette as they really let the blocks take centre stage.

  8. She is gorgeous!! I did a checkerboard on my last border and it was surprising how long it took and mine wasn't so big!

  9. I am sure the red background on those stars is right, it echoes the third border, and pulle the whole thing together.
    Gorgeous result, amazing!

  10. OH MY! Absolutely beautiful, Sarah. The corner pieces are perfect for the last border.

  11. The whole quilt is fabulous, and I agree the cornerstones should be statements. the red is perfect.

  12. It's magnificent! I agree with Katy about the red background to the stars - a perfect choice!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, Sarah! Well done!

  14. This is a beauty Sarah! I love the LeMoyne stars as the cornerstones. They just set it off.


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