Friday, 8 November 2013

Street Rat

Some days you just long to look up ebay and find a pre-teen boy's Disney costume for sale for less than the price of an arm and a leg.  I had lots of those days last week and finally conceded that we were too late to order the Pluto cossie from China on time and that I needed to get "creative"in the sewing room.

My dressmaking skills are pretty much non existent but with help of some online diagrams we do now have a pair of Aladdin pants (with a crotch that fits and a waist that almost doesn't)from some white sheeting.  I guessed at constructing a purple fleece waistcoat and a red sash and the piece de resistance (in his opinion) good old ebay were able to supply - the red fez.   He seems happy not to be going in a Belle dress or Minnie Mouse ears and skirt.  Aladdin in Street Rat garb is much more acceptable apparently!

BTW you have to love that anti-pilar fleece stuff for not fraying.  That waistcoat has two side seams and two shoulder seams and the hems and armholes didn't need seamed because they wont fray.  (It's for one evening on his SU weekend away so I don't care if it frays after that.)

How many mummy brownie points do I get for this do you think?


  1. really cool,(as they say) good job well done. my daughter still has the snow white dress made when she was 4

  2. Yay, well dne Mum. That's got to be worth at least 50 brownie points ;)

  3. Ooh, a diamond in the rough! (Aladdin's my favourite Disney!) Many, many cool points for you, Mum - and for him just for the fez!

  4. You get loads - he looks awesome, but he 'needs' one of those monkeys with velcro hand and feet to finish the outfit off and a lamp ;) XXX

  5. mummy brownie point? A gazillion!
    Yes, bless fleece for not fraying, and when you want a turban making, let me know- I will send details!

    One cool kid there!

  6. That's a whole heap of mummy brownie points-it looks fab, well done

  7. It's brilliant! Well done you! Clever mummy! Jxo

  8. Excellent job, Sarah! This mummy is impressed!


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