Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November Bee Blocks

It has taken me a little longer than usual this month to finish up my Bee blocks, but here they are:

For Jennie in Modern Stitching Bee we are making her star blocks with a solid centre (range of colour options suggested by Jennie) and low volume background pieces.  Jennie has written her own tutorial for this block if you're interested.

Catherine's hipBee choice was the Jared Takes A Wife block which you can find on  This block has certainly sparked a bit of interest on IG, perhaps because Catherine's fabric selections make it very striking and perhaps also because it's a block which isn't so familiar to us.

In spite of the fact that this block is made from several units which in themselves are really straightforward, I had a humdinger of a time making them.  I was reaching for the stitch ripper more than just to correct this

Oops!  I just seemed to be having one of those days when my brain refused to co-operate.  I did eventually pull it together and finish both blocks, though some of the points are not as well aligned as they should be - hope they don't spoil things too much for your quilt Catherine.


  1. These blocks are wonderful. I can not discover any of the seams that, you say, are not matching up!
    Great work!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Well they look perfect to me Sarah -thank you

  3. The seam ripper was out quite a bit with me too. I love your little display boards.

  4. Jennie and Catherine both picked such cool blocks. And you made them to order brilliantly.

  5. It must be lovely to have people making blocks for each other and ending up with a wonderful quilt, both the designs here are new to me.

  6. these are tremendous Sarah. Really impressive, all those points and hs triangles.

  7. Beautiful blocks! I love both patterns.

  8. Final block assembly usually catches me out too!


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