Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Mystery Medallion Quilt

Since I don't know what this medallion quilt is eventually going to look like, I am going to (not so originally) refer to it from now on as the Mystery Medallion quilt when I give you an update.

At the weekend, and just because I was impatient, I added border number 1 to frame the centre star.  Just a simple border with cornerstones at this point.  I used a little bit of the Westfalen horses fabric for fun too!

As I have no idea really where this medallion quilt will end up (there is currently not even an idea of it in my head) I thought I would record the details of each step as I go along.  It's not exactly instructions and definitely not tutorials, but if by chance I create a medallion that I'd like to make again some time, I would like to have the details, references and measurements handy instead of having to scrabble around working them out again.  And who knows, maybe some of you might find it helpful to have the details available too.  So, without further ado ...

Here's what I did 

Medallion Centre -  18.5" unfinished.
I used Little Miss Shabby's Supersized Quilt-A-Long Morning Star Pattern. There are three other gorgeous 18" finished stars in the Quilt-A-Long which would be lovely alternatives to the Morning Star I used here.

Border 1 - bringing whole size up to 24.5" unfinished.
Simple single fabric border with contrasting cornerstones.
Cut 4: 3.5" squares for cornerstones.
Cut 4: 3.5" x 18.5" rectangles for border pieces.

I suspect there will be more cutting involved in the next border somehow. Will keep you posted,


  1. I keep thinking I'd like to make a medallion quilt to hang on a big space of wall I have. My approach would definitely be make it up as I go along. Can't wait to see yours progressing.

  2. Oh! If you're going to be all helpful with measurements I am seriously tempted to join you! I really fancy doing a medallion in solids......

  3. Keep going. It will be lovely to watch it develop as you go along.

  4. I think the red and white looks lovely. What's the next round....I'd never decide so it would never be finished!

  5. This would be a great QAL idea one day! Jxo

  6. this is looking good and the fabrics are lovely too, enjoying this journey with you

  7. I think you're going through a red and white phase. It looks pretty good.


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