Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day Martha May

Judith's fantastic Martha May bag pattern saved me from having to give my mum another M&S gift card or cardy for Mother's Day yesterday.  There was steam coming from the sewing room to get these made when I had a few spare minutes but thankfully, they got sorted on time.

Mum choose the fabrics for her bag herself this time and Martha May has been reduced in height a little at her request, so it does look a little different for my last Martha May bag made to Judith's original pattern.  Actually, my preference would have been to keep the height, but then it's not me who will be using it.

This is a little matching case which I hope will fit mum's new Kindle Fire.  Yet again, one of Judith's patterns to my rescue.

This time I rescaled the pattern to the measurements of the Kindle Fire and only inserted one extra pocket inside instead of the two pockets in the original pattern.  I'll admit I made a wee mistake in my new measurements here and as a result the case is about an inch taller than I had intended it to be, so I hope the Kindle won't slide about too much inside.  (I forgot that I hadn't added the final pocket so the flap would close higher up than in the original  - doh!) Next time I'll know better!

Pressies sorted for another year!


  1. love the fabrics you used, great bag and the case for the kindle is a great idea

  2. What a lovely gift, sure your mum was delighted. I like the new size Martha May and the kindle case is lovely.

  3. Nice to make a personalised pressies for your Mum. You have been a good daughter! Di x

  4. Great gifts, I bet your mum was thrilled

  5. Oh these are lovely! Job well done! Jxo

  6. Beautiful bag. Your Mum is lucky with a daughter like you!


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