Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sew Many Plans - April 2013

This March is not going out like a lamb that's for sure.  Snow is still lingering in our labyrinthine streets out here in the sticks of NI, and I want to see some spring, pleeeeeeaaase ...

It doesn't feel like I got to the sewing room nearly as often as I'd have liked this month, but there were a few blasts of activity which achieved this little lot:

So what about April?

Hmmm, I am really torn this month by wanting desperately to do some new things and knowing that I really need to get some of my "already starteds" across the finish line.  Getting the balance right is difficult sometimes...

So here goes,

Bee Blessed - there will be new blocks to be made

hipBees - Karen is our Queen Bee for April - wonder what block she'll ask us to make for her?  Also, it's my turn to be QB in May, so I need to get organised to send out those little packages at the end of the month!

Mystery EPP - there's my new EPP project of course!!

Special Birthday Sampler Quilt - I'd love to get blocks 9 & 10 ticked off, though I haven't decided which blocks they should be yet.

Hexagon Quilt - keep at least a little momentum going on the handquilting front.

An Infinity Scarf - it WILL be spring soon and I WILL be able to retire the snood until the autumn so, living in hope, and believing the folks who say these take no time at all to make, I'd like to sneak one of these into my list for April.

I would really love to add some more new projects to the list, but this seems like more than enough to be getting on with and much as I want to start new things, I don't want to increase that UFO list over there on the right! (Placing sensible head on.)

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter break and lots of time to indulge your stitchy passions.


  1. Love your blog! I'm enjoying all the photos! Unbelievable snow!!

  2. That is quite a list there for April. There is always a tension in finishing things off and the joy of starting something new. I will watch to see how your EEP goes. I like your optimism about swapping that cosy snood for an infinity scarf!
    Di x

  3. you managed to get so much done, and a list of things to do in April

  4. Mmmm, wondering what your mystery EPP is...


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