Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snowed In!

Yesterday's deluge of snow left us with a legacy of a 17hr power cut and rather a lot of effort required to dig all of the cars out of driveways or out of their abandoned positions in the street (some of my neighbours had come home late last night and couldn't get their cars all the way home).

In the last three years we have had some very heavy snowfalls, but this one was the most snow I have seen since we lived here.  This morning we cleared our back steps, but instead of stepping down off the bottom step on to the driveway, you now have to step back UP off the bottom step onto the snow level!!!  Crazy.

Early Saturday morning brought a flurry of more snow and of neighbours with shovels clearing a way out of our development and out of individual driveways - just the kind of hard work that leaves you gasping for a great cup of tea - if there was electricity!!  Or, if your hubby is an outdoor fanatic and has a handy dandy gas stove!

 Job done.  Now we're all just hoping for no more snow!!

And, since there was no electricity to set my sewing machine a-whirring, I positioned myself in front of the fire with all those paper pieces I showed you yesterday and got basting!  Electricity came back on just in time for me to have to make dinner instead of sending hubby out for a takeaway - typical!!

If you've had snow, I hope you are safe and warm or enjoying the snowmen and snowballs!!


  1. No snow here but two of my children were lucky to eventually fly out of Belfast airport last night to come home!!

  2. Typical not to have any power just when you have the excuse to have a sew day! Hope the kids and grown-up kids have had fun today! Look forward to seeing your EPP! Jxo

  3. You just can't beat a lovely log fire! Luckily the snow we had didn't settle, yours is impressive :o)

  4. Wow! What a lot of snow. Sorry that you were without power - don't you feel so helpless without it. A log fire is a blessing ep when without electricity. Stay warm. Di x

  5. Gosh you have had so much snow. Glad you have your leccy back on now

  6. That sure is a lot of snow! We've been fortunate to miss the great snow dump mostly, but oh that wind! Stay warm hope the electricity has been consistent in its return! Happy EPP! Looking forward to the results!

  7. If you have a proper fire there is something nice and peaceful about a power outage. Shame it came on in time to make dinner. Can't wait to see the hexies, and hope the snow melts soon.

  8. Hope you have your leccy back now! :)


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