Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Block Play

Ring the bells, I've FINALLY made a granny square block!  Yay!  And, this one is aptly named as it will be going in the sampler quilt for my MIL's birthday.

Granny Square block

I was sorry to have missed the "granny" bandwagon when it hit town and I have been waiting for my opportunity to at least try out one block.  So, it seemed that this Joel Dewberry sampler would be a perfect chance to indulge myself and I'm so glad I did.  I love it, and regret even more now that I missed that bandwagon first time around!

Bow Ties block

I also did some maths and figured out how to make this bow tie block. I thought someone surely would have  a little tutorial available on line with measurements already niftily published for me, but though I could find plenty of pics when I searched, measurements were not very forthcoming. Thankfully, they weren't too difficult and I'm pleased with these little dickie bows - does anybody still call them that?

Double Pinwheel Block

Lastly, I squeezed in this extra block for the sampler.  It's the double pinwheel block from Sew Happy Geek's Sew Happy Quilt A Long.  Last year when we were making sampler blocks for Bee Blessed, I found this great tutorial on Jenna's site.  I enjoyed it so much first time around that I just wanted to have another go.

Three more blocks this month brings me up to 8 so far.  Doing well for just being in March - hopefully not famous last words!

I am enjoying trying out "new" blocks for this sampler.  I haven't decided on my next four blocks for this quilt - if you have any suggestions for great blocks and tutorials, please feel free to share!


  1. I've just been working on my grannies! Your sampler quilt is going to be lovely. Just add the granny quilt to your bucket list!

  2. It is going to be a pretty quilt for your mil! You must like her very much indeed.

  3. Oh it will be lovely now is granny quite easy? U should do a tute on the bow ties!

  4. This is going to be a great sampler quilt! my favourite block of the moment is your Road to Tennesse one. So of course I can't think past that to suggest others lol

  5. I made all these blocks for my sampler quilt too :o) I loved the granny, it came together much quicker and easier than i was expecting it to! I can't wait to see the finished quilt, the JD fabrics are really lovely.

  6. Oh these are beautiful. I could have given you the pattern for the bow tie block! I think Canoe Ridge Creations did one too! Jxo

  7. The bells have been rung......I am enjoying watching you make these blocks as you are picking some really nice ones that look great in your colour ways. Di x

  8. I really love the colours and the blocks you have chosen


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