Monday 1 October 2012

Sew Many Plans - October 2012

Time to review September's progress with my plans.

1. "Ruby" Wedding Quilt, 2. Wonky Braid for Judith, 3. Stargazing Block for Jan, 4. Bee Blessed Blocks - Sept 2012, 5. Antique Tile Quilt Top, 6. Cutting complete, 7. Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow quilt top, 8. Zippy Pouch for Mum, 9. 5" crumb blocks

  • Ruby Wedding Quilt - completed, gifted and received with big smiles!
  • HipBees Block - Judith's Funky Chicken Braid was heaps of fun to make and Jan was ultra organised and sent her block details early so I stitched up that one ahead of time too!
  • Bee Blessed - I got a little carried away and made a few more blocks than intended. Pieced together one set of donated blocks for the Antique tiles quilt and prepared some scrappy binding and a label for it too.
  • Strips and Squares Bed Quilt - cutting completed.
  • Hopscotch Quilt - I did make a decision not to proceed with this as the gift it was initially intended for.  So, it will take a back seat for a while as I finish up the Joel Dewberry quilt that I have decided will be its replacement.
  • Unexpected extras included a zippy pouch for mum and the 12.5" crazy scrappy blocks and the little 5" crumb blocks both of which I am hoping to make more of from time to time to deplete building scraps and help me overcome my fear of scrappiness.

September didn't afford much sewing time at all really and so I'm quite surprised I actually managed as much as I did.  I desperately want to believe that October might be a little more kind time-wise.  So here's what I'd love to get stuck into this month:

Bee Blessed - We have lots of projects on the go at Bee Blessed just now, so I'll be pitching in to see where I can help with those that need to be progressed.

Class Project - I am so chuffed to be going back to class again this month (oh how I have missed my Thursday nights), and am really looking forward to the applique techniques that Judith will be teaching.  I did well to get my place on this one because the spaces sold out in double quick time!  There won't be a finished cushion until next month, but maybe some of the little projects along the way will get finished up so I can share with you.

Joel Dewberry quilt - This quilt has to be ready before the last week of the month to be on time for packing up to send Down Under.

Not So Gross Quilt - I'd like to add borders to this quilt and prepare the binding so that it's ready for basting and quilting in November.

Squares and Strips Quilt (recycled shirts) - Try to piece 11 blocks for this quilt.

Sounds like I'd better get stitching!


  1. You made loads of lovely stuff in September (even though I'm sure they took a week out of the month it flew by so quickly for everyone!)

  2. Such lovely makes, and your plans for this month are great! LOVR the zig zag quilt :)

  3. I think you need to retire early from your job! Jxo

  4. How you juggle everything in your life and still get so much done (like Judith) is beyond me. Beautiful makes and ambitious plans.

  5. I think you might be busy in October!! Great September makes

  6. all your makes are so fab!!! sounds like you will be a busy lady! xx


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