Thursday 18 October 2012

For your pressie list

Hello Peeps!

Just a quick one today (and no pic, sorry) to drop you a link to a potential gift idea for you if you are a Melody Miller fan.  I hopped over to Alice's blog earlier and today she is showing a pretty bag made in one of the original Ruby Star Rising prints, AND her co-ordinating laptop!  Go on over to Alice's post and see the bag and the laptop for yourself.

Gelaskins is apparently what the customisation product is called and I popped in to that site to find laptop skins, ipod skins etc in some of the best Melody Miller designs (including viewfinder).  So, if these are up your street, maybe you can surreptitiously leave you laptop open at the appropriate page while playing festive CDs in the background for your other half to take the hint.


  1. Ooooooh and if he really took the hint I might get something to actually go in the skin too? ;-)

  2. Or - do as I did and just treat yourself! Because we're worth it ;)
    Thanks for popping by and sharing this Sarah! Alice x

  3. Thanks for the links. Di x

  4. Laughing at Jan's comment! I love the gelskins, esp. the big hippy flowers! Not sure though if they do non-mac laptops? Jxo


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