Sunday 28 October 2012

Lots going on

I have been reasonably quiet on the blog for the last few weeks but that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening around here.  Would you like to see some of the little things I've been up to?

Too bad, I'm showing you anyway, ha!

Firstly, I have been back at Thursday night class.  I was a bit gutted to miss the first week of the class when Judith was teaching needleturn applique but for the past two Thursday nights I've been working on satin stitch applique and sketching.


All of this technique and skill building is leading to making a choice of one of the techniques to make an applique cushion.  I feel some of my Ruby scraps may be put to use for this selfish make - watch this space!

During the week Judith and I got our heads together on a Bee Blessed quilt and, attempting to remember and recreate my Grey Wonky Blocks quilt, have worked collaboratively on these lovelies.

I just love those greens and am thinking that some of that Kona Green Tea has to find its way into my fabric shopping basket soon.

The next project start comes with apologies to Catherine.  I have been giving her a hard time for showing off Christmas makes already (sorry, Catherine!) and now have to confess that I had a hankering after a bit of festive fabric myself earlier in the week.  So, I started work on the stocking my son has requested for his teacher's Christmas gift.

I forgot how much I enjoy making Christmas stockings and think this is probably the earliest one I have EVER made. (And Catherine, you now have complete authority to give me a hard time right back.)

The Not So Gross quilt has also been resurrected since being shelved in July along with the Swoon quilt.  It has had borders added and quilting is now finished, but I'm waiting to finish the binding before sharing it with you properly.

And then today, I just had a wee itch to do something new, so here's what I'm up to now.

Wonky crosses are blocks I've wanted to try since I first saw them on Oh Fransson, and I was not disappointed in my play time this afternoon.  I still have half of the blocks to finish but I love the ones I have done so far (the two right hand columns).

This project was also about trying to be better at selecting and mixing fabrics and I think I'm getting there.  At first I wasn't sure that I could get away with mixing aqua, turquoise, teals and slightly greener aqua but I think it's going to be okay (fingers crossed).  Really looking forward to finishing this off when I have a few days off later this week.

Hope you all have been having fun too!


  1. Ooh, you have been busy doing nice fabricy things. Di x

  2. Love that kona green tea! That wonky block quilt is gonna be stunning!

  3. Wow you have been a busy bee! LOVE the green wonky blocks and the green tea looks like it should be in my stash too! Keep going with the blues, it's looking great! And Christmas will soon be upon us fast, despite not being able to think about it right now, I think it's a wise decision to start early!

  4. Oh you have been busy! What lovely makes. I do like the look of that green tea too. I get a bit obsessed with a colour and end up using it to death as a 'neutral' until I get the next colour crush.

  5. So all that grief you gave me and you were secretly working away!! :-) LOVE the christmas stocking, the quilting is perfect

  6. I made a stocking yesterday and have started making some Christmas gifts today. Making the most of my half term week. I know as we get closer there will be some requests put in, so am trying to get ahead of myself. Love the stocking you did.

  7. oh you have been busy!! love that stocking and all the other projects! xxx

  8. It is looking really good, that wonky cross stuff! I like your colours very much! And lucky teacher to be getting that stocking!

  9. you have been busy. Love that christmas stocking, I might just have to make one now


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