Thursday 11 October 2012

Cute and Fun

or so I thought!

Back in August I ordered some lovely baby pink and baby blue fleece with the intention of having a go at making a batch of little Baby Taggies/Feelies for a variety of purposes (gifts, craft sale makes etc).

For some reason I thought that making these cute little items would be fun, but sadly I haven't really been feeling that in this process.

I deliberately kept the fabric top a very simple four patch (a batch of which I actually made up on my summer holidays).  Earlier this week I picked up the four patches and decide to move them on.  Tons of ribbon later (these babies eat about 1.5m of ribbon each!) and some swift lessons in the fidgetty nature of fleece, I have a little production line going to finish up this batch of taggies for boys.

Although none of the fabrics in this project are expensive in themselves, I worked out that these cost just under £2 each in materials to make up.  At approx 9.5" square finished, I'm wondering if people would pay more than this so that they make even a little profit if I decided to sell them?

Not sure if it's the item itself I'm not loving making, or if I'm just not a production line type girl.  Hope I can find the love to get around to the girls' batch one day!

Just telling it like it is, so you know I don't always love everything I embark on.

PS - Remember the Slouch Bag I made at Judith's summer workshop?  (Which I do love!)

Well, now you can make one for yourself because Judith has just added the Slouch bag pattern to her Etsy site.  This is a mega versatile bag, loved by kids, teens and proper grown ups too, so if you are beginning to mull over potential Christmas present makes (can't believe I mentioned that word) this would be a fabulous pattern to get you on your crafty way.  Go on, check it out!


  1. Thanks so much for the plug my friend! Fiona has seen taggies being sold for £15+!!! I would be charging £5 for yours, easy! Perfect for a craft table or Christmas gift. Jxo

  2. I'm with Judith. I think they should fetch at least a fiver. There should be profit in them.

  3. It's probably the production line method you're not loving? Some things work better if you do it this way - others just make you feel like you're in a factory. Like the others have said I think you should be able to get a fiver for them at least.

  4. I'm with Judith on this, too, Sarah! You can definitely charge at least a fiver for these. I'd buy one for sure... any chance you're going to get around to the girlie ones any time soon?! ;)


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