Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend Update

Nothing big going on around here this weekend on the sewing front but there are some bits and pieces I can share.

First up is this fabulous Bee Blessed Antique Tile quilt top - 

I've been piecing the donated blocks together for the Bee and I think it's so stunning.  Of course, I have a penchant for blue and white quilts so this is right up my street, but I think you'll agree that this block looks great as a quilt.  Thank you so much to all of you who contributed blocks - can you spot yours?  If you don't see yours here, fear not, we have a second Antique Tile top in aquas/blues coming along with the remaining blocks that were sent to us so if yours isn't here, it'll likely be in there in due course.

September brought a return to hours of my week spent waiting poolside during swim training so I've been picking up my crochet again and the chevrons now look like this - 

Would you believe me if I told you there's an hour's work in every chevron stripe?  (Maybe I'm just slow!) This is soft and snuggly, and some days too warm to be working up in a stuffy swimming pool, but I am really enjoying making my waiting time productive again.

Also this week I finally got around to making a zippy cosmetic purse requested by my mum some time ago - bad daughter!

She likes angels, so while the rest of you are having heart attacks over the country angels in brown, I am happy that she will be okay with it!

And, I have finally reached the end of the 572 pieces I've been cutting from shirt scraps for my son's Squares and Strips bed quilt!

What's more, clever me already has 22 of the 88 eventual blocks completed? See ...

Single square blocks

Is that cheating? In any case it means just 66 blocks left to make!

So what have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Love the Bee Blessed quilt. And that crochet looks fantastic! Wish it was a skill I had!

  2. You have been working hard! This all looks fantastic.

    And, no, it is not cheating- It makes sense!

  3. The Antique Tiles quilt looks just stunning! And your chevrons are beautiful, too... I doubt I could do one in a week let alone an hour!!

  4. Funny girl - regarding the blocks made! Loving the blue and white. Someone is going to treasure that quilt. And your mum will love that pouch too.

  5. LOve the antique tile quilt, the blues and whites are striking. Will have to pick up my crochet hook again, haven't tried since my accident. Your pouch is beautiful. Your Mum will love it.

  6. We have been clearing and sorting after decorating this weekend. Now that blue quilt top is so stunning, it's fab to see some of my blocks there - brilliant. Your Mum's pouch is lovely


  7. I see my block.. It's my first one ever made into a quilt!! Ur crocheting is amazing x

  8. lol :) that's my kind of 22 blocks :) The crochet looks lovely! I might have to dig mine out again for this winter.

  9. Those antique tiles look so gorgeous all sewn up together! Job well done! And your crochet chevrons look so cuddly - keep going! That pouch is sooooo your mum! Jxo

  10. The quilt top looks stunning and the blocks were fun to make . Your crochet is really growing and I'm sure the dark nights will help with it's growth. The shirt fabric quilt will be so nice when you see the squares up! Di x


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