Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bee Blessed September Blocks

After a wee summer break from our regular meetings, Bee Blessed will be getting back together later this month for more quilt creating and donating.

While the break in meetings might have allowed us to lose a few of the pounds gained from the fabulous home-baked treats that always put in an appearance at our gatherings (sorry bloggy members, we eat your share too!), stitching has not stopped altogether and the antique tile blocks popping up on flickr and through our letter boxes are going to make a great quilt top soon!

Anyway, it was time to get my act together and make up the block Judith set for September.  It's a version of Aneela's crazy scrappy block (click here for Judith's post with the Bee Blessed specifications) and is a heap of fun to make.  Want me to prove it?

I made this one and then kinda didn't stop until another two appeared.

And then, once they were done I made three more for me - oops!

I thought that these scrappy blocks would make a great contribution to my de-cluttering phase (long story, but had a bit of a wobble over mess and clutter in general earlier this week and am determined that a period of de-cluttering is required throughout our home).  The blocks I made for me are 12.5" unfinished and not bordered (unlike the Bee ones).  As always, I have a little wonking issue and occasionally my blocks veered back towards straight but I still like them.

I thought they would be a perfect way to use up some of my scraps and if I leave them aside and occasionally add more blocks as my scraps build up, one day I'll have a quilt's worth without really even thinking about it.  Great plan, huh?

Anyway, six blocks later that should prove they were fun!

So, if you fancy a wee bit of a quick fix fun block, why not give it a go and maybe even send us one for Bee Blessed (specific instructions here).  It'd be much appreciated and end up in a quilt being donated to someone who needs some thoughtfulness in their lives.


  1. Love your wonky blocks. I have really enjoyed the hipBee block and I could just continue straight onto these! Di x

  2. Your blocks look great - I had so much fun making these. I'd have probably turned out six if I hadn't run out of white fabric to sash! Good luck with your decluttering. I really need to do more of this. I struggle with ever seeming to achieve a sufficient level.

  3. Love these blocks: I must try and get some made this weekend

  4. Ooooo another addictive block (they do have a tendency to be don't they?). Just to let you know I have made another tile block which will make its way to you with this months block.... so leave a gap for a late one!!! x

  5. LOL! 6 Blocks!! Anyone would think you're a wonk addict! These are so lovely in the bright colours. So glad you enjoyed making them. Jxo

  6. These are great! Can't believe u made 6!! X

  7. Those are gorgeous, Sarah! Can't wait to see them in person next week!


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