Saturday, 15 September 2012

Staying Organised

Whether it's a beginning of new term thing or not, I've had a bit of a frenzy around the house to try and get myself feeling organised again and my efforts have made it to the sewing room in the form of a shiny new magnetic notice board.

Exciting, huh?

Ok, well, maybe not.  But I just thought I'd show off my lovely new magnets which I thought of all by myself! (Not bad for someone who can barely speak her own name by 9pm these days!)

Little craft magnets, pretty buttons and a blob of craft glue and 30 seconds later Bob's your uncle - button magnets fit for your sewing notes, patterns, shopping lists and whatever else a girl's sewing room noticeboard needs to hold!

The little Union Flag brooch Di gave me last month has also become a magnet for the board just by slipping a magnet between the back and the pin (no gluing), which leaves it removable for when I want to wear it on my woolly scarf this winter.  Genius or what?  (No answers to the "or what?" please!)

I am really chuffed with these simple little magnets (instant gratification makes) and will be keeping my eye out for some much nicer buttons than my little box has at the mo to make a few more.  I also foresee some teeny, weeny bunting and a wee magnetic yoyo or two to continue the noticeboard prettification process (and hide the tops of the hooks we hung the board from).


  1. What a great idea to make buttons into magnets. Now will that board stay pristine tidy… LOL!
    Di x

  2. really pretty button magnets, and I love that you have made that diddy flag a versatile(long word for a Sunday morning)option! Don't look at my notice board though! It's a mess!

  3. Great idea!! I just love buttons!

  4. I have a magnetic notice board propped up in my sewing area. Covered buttons would make great magnets too...

  5. What a fantastic idea Sarah, perfect for cheering up the notice board.

  6. So clever, Sarah! Well done!!

  7. What a great idea, might have to steal it from you!!!!!!


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