Friday, 24 August 2012

Who knew...?

...that I liked orange fabrics so much?

I was working on a secret project recently and when I was putting together a few orange scraps for it, I had a little lightbulb moment and realised that actually I really quite like orange and that I use it more often than I consciously realise.

Sometimes, of course, it's really much more obvious

Bright enough for you?

I realise as I look at these projects that orange does feature in my colour choices when I want to be bright and add a bit of cheeriness to a project.  When I was making the quilt recently I even ordered a few orange solids to trial as bindings.

Top to bottom they are Klona orange, Kona Tangerine and Kona Orange.

I'll admit that I find the Kona Orange (bottom one) a bit murky and drab but the others are definitely oranges I would order again.  In particular the Kona Tangerine is a stunning, deep shade and the Klona Orange, while not as rich as the Tangerine, was perfect for the quilt.

Let me just quickly qualify, for any family family members who may happen upon this post, that I would most likely probably NOT wear orange, so please don't be adding orange clothes to your Christmas list, but a wee orange fq is perfectly permissable!

Hmm, you learn something new about yourself every day.

Anyone else have a colour you realise you like to use a lot but wouldn't necessarily have listed it as one of your favourites?


  1. what a bright cheerful colour that I never really think about until somebody else points it out. I seem to use purple's and aubergine colours a lot in quilts I make for my girls.

  2. I love orange, I used loads of it in my mystery quilt: but like you, not sure I would wear it!!

  3. I hear you - orange just isn't usually one of those colours you think of loving, but it really is perfect sometimes!

  4. Orange is good. I have always avoided aqua but now like it in patchwork. In fact orange and aqua are good too. I wouldn't like to wear aqua though! Di x

  5. I love orange. And I did go through a stage of loving orange clothes too, many years ago. But I grew out of that one, even if I didn't grow out of my love of the colour.

  6. I love orange too, and I'm supposed to wear it as I'm 'Autumn' in the Colour me Beautiful thingy! The Kona oranges are yummy! Jxo

  7. I tried on an orange dress today (didn't purchase) - it had caught my eye several times in forestside - and I don't usually like orange either!! Must b something in the air!! X

  8. I agree with you about the tangerine. I discovered I really like red, I knew I liked it, but didn't realise just how much. I blame it on "Ruby". It's amazing what you discover about yourself whilst sewing.


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