Thursday, 9 August 2012

Too many choices

Ever have trouble deciding which pattern to try out next?

I mentioned recently that I have another gift quilt to make for another aunt (yes, I come from a large extended family). I was hoping this book would be a good place to start in my search for a pattern as I've had the book for ages now but haven't made actually made anything from it yet.

Armed with my treasured Fandango Jelly Roll (I have hoarded this for over a year now) I sat down to decide.  But, I couldn't.  I love lots of these quilts but none of them just took my fancy for this quilt, with these fabrics and for this aunt.

Fantastic aquas, greens, corals, gold and rich browns in this Kate Spain Fandango Jelly Roll!

Then, I remembered having seen these amazing quilts by Fiona and Laura Jane a few months ago and after investigation and a quick online purchase I now have my Hopscotch pattern.

While the pattern is gorgeous, I was not so enamoured with the cutting (which I wasn't really planning on starting, but did anyway).  The templates were a bit skewed even though I changed the page to US letter format and set the scaling to 100%, and I ended up having to redraft more accurate ones myself.  It must be something to do with my computer or my printer or both, who knows?  So now I have more than just my fingers crossed that this will all work out well in the end!

All ready to piece together -

Sorry about the blur!

(And, in case you are feeling sorry for my overlooked Jelly Rolls pattern book I have another quilt in mind to make from it some time much later this year, possibly next.)


  1. I used that book for my Etchings quilt that I made my brother last Christmas. But that is the only pattern I have used from it. It looks so good when you buy it but then I am not really a pattern person, more of a wing it person.

  2. Oh downloadable templates make me shiver! Love the fabrics, and I loved that pattern too when I saw it! jxo

  3. this looks wonderful!! I admit I am rubbish at following patterns but this looks great!

  4. Looks great so far, Sarah! Good luck!

  5. I've had the Hopscotch pattern staring at me from the corner for months, I just can't face all that fiddly cutting out yet. Yours is sure to look fabulous in Fandango. Got to love Kate Spain :)

  6. That is a great pattern for those fabrics I think! I have it and it is on the list somewhere. I will watch to see how you do, I am guessing you did make a test block before all the cutting was done.


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