Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sew Many Plans - September 2012

Remember those ambitious plans I had for August on the first of my Sew Many Plans posts?  Well, now it's time to account for what I managed or didn't and also to see what's on the clipboard for September.

1. Orange/Aqua Ladder Strip Quilt, 2. Wonky Grey Quilt finished, 3. Wonky Grey Quilt finished, 4. hipBees Block - August 2012, 5. DSCF4224, 6. Hopscotch Quilt Top in Progress, 7. Cutting for Squares and Strips Bed Quilt, 8. Border progress on Hexagon Quilt, 9. Zakka Pencil Cases for HipBees

  • Both the Orange/Brown/Aqua Ladder Strip quilt and the Grey Wonky Block Quilt were finished and gifted to delighted recipients.
  • I completed the house block for Reene's initiating month as hipBees Queen Bee and posted mine off to join the other fab little abodes fellow Bees were busy whipping up from Reene's gorgeous Summersville layer cake.
  • "Ruby" Wedding Quilt Update - top pieced as planned.
  • Hopscotch Gift Quilt - top pieced as planned, but its purpose may change.
  • Squares and Strips Bed Quilt from recycled shirts - I attacked the pile of old shirts and now have lots of little packages of pre-cut pieces ready and waiting to be stitched into blocks.
  • Hexagon Quilt - well, it came on hols and I made some progress and I'm loving the extra border I decided to add (even if it does mean more work than I had planned).
  • And, finally in a pre-hols whizzy blur I stitched up 12 Zakka Pencil cases - 11 for hipBees and 1 for a work colleague.

Whew!  I think that I can probably pat myself on the back for getting through that lot.  Feels good not to have fallen short of my plans.

As I said last month, I was able to be a little over-ambitious with my sewing plans due to some long-awaited hols from work.  With September's return to work, school and the extra-curricular activity routine, my plans are returning to a more normal (sane?) level.  So what's my plan for the next month?

"Ruby" Wedding Quilt - since the big day itself is later this month, finishing this quilt really needs to be my priority for September. Eeek!

hipBees - Judith is our Queen Bee for September and has set us a great block and some lovely scraps which I can wait to get stuck into.

Bee Blessed - a block or two for this month

Squares and Strips Quilt (recycled shirts) - I would like to try and finish cutting up my shirt pile into little block packs if I can.

Hopscotch Quilt - I need to decide if I'm going ahead with it as the gift quilt, and if not, I'll have to choose another to make in its place.  Not really expecting to have time to work on this one or its replacement (as nec) but I do need to make a decision.

Doesn't seem a lot after last month's stitch fest, but I think that'll be more than enough to be getting on with for September since it is always a crazy month chez nous anyway.


  1. Wow! Didn't you achieve so much! I'll be glad to get back to normality and routine so I can knuckle on down and start living up to my reputation!

  2. all great work and great plans! x

  3. Wow you made so many fab things! Great plans for September too. I love both Jude's block choices for hipBee's and Bee Blessed. Am looking forward to getting stitching!

  4. Considering how much else you have on I think you are amazing - in how much you have accomplished as well as how much you plan on doing.

  5. Crikey! You certainly were in your sewing groove in August! Can't wait to see the Ruby quilt finished. Back to the hamster wheel then! Jxo

  6. Wow,look at how busy you have been! All of these projects look amazing too

  7. Wow , what a busy bee you heve been. Look forward to seeing the completed Ruby quilt.

  8. Wow! You have been in overdrive… you have really made a dent in your list. Well done Mrs. Di x


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