Friday, 10 August 2012


Have a peek at these sweet lovelies brought to me by the postman yesterday.

Firstly, lovely soft fleece for simple wee projects I'm planning. These are so snuggly and sugary.

But the main event in post arrivals are from Shannon at Poppy's Pocket.  If you haven't had a wee peek around her Etsy shop yet, you need to go there now. (That's an order, not a suggestion.)

Shannon, creative wunderkind of my fab friend Judith,  enchants polymer clay to become the cutest, most fun jewellery around.  She sells earrings, necklaces, little charms and such inspired by Dolly Mixtures, flumps, donuts and cupcakes, which incidentally she can also bake fabulously, but I don't think she sends them through the post - sorry folks!  There are non food related makes too, like the fun and quirky moustache necklace for sale at the moment which I thought would be a great coded gift for a quilter - you know, "Must Stash"?

Anyway, before I told you fabulous peeps about Shannon's latest addition - pin toppers! - I made sure to add some to my shopping basket first (I can be selfish like that) and these are the lovelies that Mr Postie delivered -

These little Russian Dolls are for a new friend.  Don't you love their chubby gorgeousness?

The indulgent sweet-toothed yumminess of the other pin toppers are just for me - now I have an excuse to finally make myself a more feminine pincushion!  Flumps are one of my secret vices - just saying.

If you liked the look of these pin toppers and the other bits and pieces on Shannon's shop, you could always keep a wee eye on her blog where she announces the newest additions to the shop - you know, just to give yourself a chance to snarfle some before I do!  Or you could always add a wee word of encouragement so that she might know there's an interest in seeing more of these cutesies for sale.

Thanks Shannon for a fun post morning!


  1. Those Russian dolls are perfect! So are the sweets, but I am in love with the dolls. Shannon is amazing and a great chip off the block that is Judith.

  2. dont you just LOVE The Post Office xx

  3. oh those are awesome and I am heading over now! what a wonderful wee extra for a swap or something love them!x

  4. I just live Shannon's fimo!! Love ur pins x

  5. Aw thanks S for such a lovely post. I will pass it on to Shan. She'll be tickled pink! (I hadn't actually seen the Russion dolls till now - they're so lovely!) Jxo

  6. Ooooh, so jealous!! I wanted those Russian dolls!!

  7. I completely missed this post! So my mail today was a complete surprise! Thank you so much xx


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