Friday, 9 March 2012

Waving Windmills?

Okay so I though I was going to be all sensible and quilt nice and neatly and precisely in the white windmills of this quilt.  Buuuuuut ...

I have been having a little fling lately with wavy line quilting - in grids, a little horizontal on a cushion and on the diagonal - and I did wonder if it might work on this quilt too.  I was apprehensive about giving it a go and risking ruining a pretty quilt top, so I was beginning to chicken out of the wavy quilting option.  Until, a very clever friend suggested chalk testing the waves on the top to get an idea of how it might look - now why didn't I think of that?  Duh!

Hope you can get some idea of what I mean from these pics - it was hard to capture

Anyway, I know Judith gives great advice, so I got handy with my chalk pen and trialled out the quilting lines. I marked out a wavy grid (ie wavy horizontal and verticals) but wasn't so keen.  However, when I took it back to just wavy horizontals I can see movement being added to the windmills and I like it very much!  I may have found the way to go here.  Just waiting on the backing fabric now to make a start.


  1. like it Sarah, can't wait to see what the finished article looks like

  2. That is a neat idea. It really does add movement. Now you need to do it!!!!!!
    Di xo

  3. Judith gives good advice and I like the idea of waving windmills.

  4. sounds and looks like good advice to me xx

  5. What a great idea and the waves look fantastic


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