Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pink Windmills!

The pink windmills are pieced and growing on me.  I like the colours a lot more than I had expected.

Now just to do it justice with the quilting.  Will it take me another two months to decide how to quilt it?  (It can't, I've got an Easter deadline!)

More another day!


  1. This is lovely Sarah. I did a similar quilt and quilted in negative space only ( am not sure how big yours is and it does involve a lot of turning but I was really pleased with how it turned out

  2. It is looking great. The last comment regarding the quilting makes sense. Will wait and watch what you do! Di xo

  3. it has come together really well .... now GET quilting xx

  4. It's ever so pretty, Sarah. I am useless at quilting suggestions so will leave it to others that know more - but happy to sit here and admire!

  5. I think more wavy lines are the order of the day! No need to reinvent the wheel!! Jxo

  6. lovely pinks - look forward to seeing how it is quilted


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