Monday, 26 March 2012

Trio of Totes

Squeezed in some time in the sewing room last weekend and came up with these three totebags -

This one is child sized and is my favourite of the three!

There are plans for these wee bags but that's a story for another day.

I have also been working on another small Bee Blessed pram blanket, this time in blues -

I love this one!  There's another one to come which I love too - it's a brights one (watch this space).  Check out the pink one here.  I have loved the challenge of making sure these extra blocks get a special finish to allow the group to spread more blessings to their recipients.  If your blocks are here, I hope you like the finish, and thank you so much for your contribution.


  1. Your lovely bags remind me of the three little bears! Di xo

  2. It would be hard to say which bag is my favorite xx Looking forward to the next quilt xx

  3. I love the first bag the most too. I am short - it would be a good size for me!! (HeeHee)


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