Sunday, 5 February 2012

Welcome Progress

I didn't make it to therapy class this week so I've been playing catch up at home so as not to fall behind with my Welcome banner.  Having happily cut and stuck all the wee pieces in place last week, this week it was time to put all the sketching practice to work.

So it was in with the bright contrasting threads, down with the feed dogs, deep breath in and time to get sketchy around those letters and bunting.

Was very difficult to get a decent photo but hopefully you get the idea
- a few of my sketchy wobbles were a bit too generous, but hey ho ...

Random pic from the back

If this were a school report it would say "could do better"  but it might also say "could do worse".  It could definitely stand some improvement but it's not so bad I'll need to relegate it to a drawer somewhere.  Relief!

If you fancy a go at this wee banner yourself, the lovely Judith has recently opened an Etsy Shop to sell her patterns and this is one of the ones in there - go have a look!


  1. Looks pretty good to me....cannot wait to see it finished. Di xo

  2. Your school report should read 'looks amazing, well done'

  3. Your teacher will be giving you an 'A'!

  4. Aw thanks for the plug friend! I love the contrasting stitching - flippin' brilliant! Go to the top of the class! Jxo


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