Monday, 20 February 2012

Jewellery Quilt Progress

Three or four weeks ago I made a start on a jewellery tidy project.  Other commitments and lack of time generally mean that it has looked like this since that time -

Until today, that is.  Now it looks like this:

I have high hopes for this little jewellery quilt as a problem solver - keeping my jewellery organised and accessible which means that it should actually get worn more!

This is also the first project that I have used my newly acquired FMQ skills on.  I wasn't going to risk it once I'd added all those little fiddly ribbons and popper buttons and lace, but then I figured that I have to have a go sometime.  So, have a go I did.  There are some truly awful bits, too tight curves and pointy bits, but I did it.  I have stippled my very first item!  And really, when I get my bling on there who's going to notice but me?

It just needs a little binding and then I'll show you what all those little bits and bobs are intended for.

And, just because I like to show off a bargain, here's my newest little piece of sewing room organisation - ruler storage a la IKEA - plate rack (£1.99).

I can't really take credit for this idea as I saw it somewhere  a very long time ago (just can't remember where), but it is definitely very handy.

Almost forgot to tell you that I'm guest posting on Karen's blog today on something totally different.  Check out the post here.  (There's a wee giveaway too.)


  1. What a great idea with the plate rack Sarah, will have to get myself one when I'm in Ikea next

  2. Get you! Very fancy FMQ. You have my admiration. Like the neat plate rack/ ruler tidy idea. You might set a tend with clever trick! Di xo

  3. Love the jewellery quilt & the ruler holder is genius!!

  4. I really like your quilting, that's the same wobbly effect I'm hoping to achieve when I pluck up courage to finally quilt my current work in progress! And I love that ruler storage idea, thanks :)

  5. Well done on some fab stippling, and for taking the leap! Great tute over on Karen's blog too! I love the Ikea stand! Jxo

  6. this looks great, especially the fmq. look forward to seeing it all complete!


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