Saturday, 25 February 2012

This time it's Judith's fault!

Apologies to my lovely friend Judith, but this mini-distraction from the quilt that I started in a distraction from another quilt is all her fault.  (No taking responsibility here for my own aptitude to become distracted - ahem!)

You see, Judith went and posted a fabulous tutorial on a new quilt block for Bee Blessed and I just couldn't wait to have a wee practice.  So while I should have been piecing and pressing and squaring off a navy man quilt, here's what I did instead -

Isn't she fun?  At one stage in the construction she looked like she had the most amazing afro! I really should have thought to take a pic.

These blocks are going to be great worked into our blessing quilts. If you'd like to make us a wee block for our Bee Blessed projects check out the tutorial and get in touch with Judith or me to let us know you're joining the fun.  There is also a flickr page you can check out with some of our past blocks and quilts and where you can join the group.


  1. Oh she's fabulous! I love the way the fabric turned out on her dress. :-)

  2. LOL! Happy to take the blame on this one! She is fabulous - a friend for Pippi!!! Jxo


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