Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fairytale Stitching

The Mouthy Partner Pouch Swap flickr page is awash with pics of amazing practice pouches (practice my eye!), fabric selections and some finished pouches!  You should hop over there and have a peek at the amazing work going on.  The standard has been set very high by these lovely swappers!

Anyway, all those pics serve to remind me that I too have a pouch to produce for my partner.  I've been picking out fabric options, deciding on the design (with a little help from comments on the flickr group) and now actually trying to get the design from my head into fabric.  And all this while worrying whether I'm on the right track with my choice of embroidery panels.

My partner describes herself as fun and a lover of whimsy so I'm hoping that these will appeal to her, even if the fairytale-esque designs leave me wondering whether I'm doing the right thing.  Not my normal choice of design but then this pouch isn't for me and I really want her to have something she can enjoy.  Fingers crossed!

Now to turn these wee scraps of embroidered linen into a respectable zippered pouch!


  1. I can just imagine that gnome saying to the hedgehog 'fancy a mushroom?'. Jxo

  2. I love that book - your blocks look amazing

  3. Your panels are really cute. You have put a lot of thought and time into your pouch swap. Di xo

  4. Your stitching is so wonderful. Your partner is lucky!!


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