Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shagpile Quilt?

Well, not quite ...  Don't think it's a goer as a concept myself, but the rug provided the only layout space with any decent light for taking the picture in our house today.

Photo is sideways (looked weird when I tied to rotate it) - the right hand side of pic is actually the top border.

I beavered away today cutting into the lovely Ravenwood fabrics and making 22 futtery Greek/Roman key blocks for the borders of my custom designed Secret Quilt.  It is very peculiar to be making this quilt top from the outside (borders) inwards, rather than the normal way, but I was nervous about making the centre of the quilt first and then ending up with border panel sizing that wouldn't work or would cut off half a key block. So, this was how I decided to tackle it.  Not sure yet that I'd want to do it again unless absolutely necessary.

This is probably the last decent pic of the Secret Quilt that I'll be able to show.  Future snippets will have to be a bit more cryptic (if my photography skills are up to it) in order not to spoil a Christmas surprise.

So far, it's been fiddly and scary 'cos I'm making this one up entirely by myself and it's not just lovely repeating square blocks.  But if I can get there, hopefully it'll be appreciated and that will be worth all the effort and mild panic over the maths!


  1. I take my hat off to you! That quilt is shaping up to be a stunner.

  2. Wow, very impressive, if you can piece that, you can piece anything.

  3. I've no doubt it will be totally appreciated! Looks amazing so far! You'll be walking like an Egyptian before long! Jxo

  4. That border is wonderful. It is going to be such a great gift!!


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