Saturday, 22 October 2011

Journal Cover

Sometimes it feels good to make something small enough to start and finish in one brief session.  There is much to be said for some near-instant gratification.  Last night this little fabric notebook cover was it.

Journal cover in Heather Bailey Nicey Jane

Cover laid out flat

With thanks to Caroline's lovely tutorial it didn't take long at all to put this little trial cover together.  I did change her directions just a little towards the end (because I'm too lazy to slipstitch the ends closed) and am delighted with how it turned out.  Having made this one up quite simply it would be fun to get a bit more creative with the cover design next time around, and these would be great little festive gifts.

Notebook inserted into cover

Inside of journal cover with flaps


  1. Sweet cover! Love your fabric choices these days!

  2. I love journal covers, & really need one as all my special notes & cards keep falling out of my journal. I must have a go at one of these (ok, so I'll just add it to the never-ending list and might get to it by 2013!). Love your colour combo too! Jxo


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