Tuesday, 11 October 2011

In need of therapy ...

It's finished and I love it, but this cushion has highlighted my need for therapy.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised when I tell you that I like to feel in control of my life.  But today I discovered this does not help in my quest to add to my quilting skills.

For my latest cushion design I had hoped that I might be able to try a little of the sketching technique to applique the letters of my niece's name to her gift.  So I practiced, and I practiced and eventually it got this good (!?!)

Uh oh! More than a bit sad really.

Some more practice and I managed to do a little better (top sample in photo below)

but it still didn't really look good enough to go on the cushion.  So, what should a control freak like me do when faced with this dilemma?  Fake it of course! - (see bottom sample in photo above.)

I'm afraid my sketching efforts just didn't look good enough to make it on to the actual cushion.  So it was back up with the feed dogs and carefully trying to sew it neatly but deliberately not make it too neat! And, to create the illusion of slightly more random 'sketching' I controlled my sewing around the letters TWICE - how's that for warped thinking?! Is there such a thing as random control or controlled random?  I really do need help ....

In spite of my psychological issues, I am really chuffed with how this cushion for my niece finished.  I adore the Riley Blake Rainy Days and Mondays umbrella fabric and it was great fun to hand quilt around some of the little brollies on the front.

With a little creative assistance from my lovely friend Judith, I decided to make the back more interesting with the addition of a contrasting band on the envelop backing and little button and tab closure.  And, even though I didn't make the grade to do the sketching technique this time, I'm still pretty pleased with the applique lettering on the contrast band.

I was enjoying myself so much on the back of this cushion that I added a few fun accent buttons too - little hearts and a star.  This was lots of fun to create - and it's destined for a very fun little girl.  Should be just right!

So, here are all three sisters' (ages 15, 9 and 2) cushions ready for the festive gift swapping -

I can hardly believe I've actually made all of these myself, and am so pleased that that's three less pressies I will have to trail around the shops for!


  1. Wow! Aren't they just gorgeous sitting there together! Great attempt with the sketching, your lettering practise is really good but I think because you're looking at it on white it shows up the wiggles more starkly. Lots of wiggles are completely legal! This could be just the 'control releasing therapy' you need! Jxo

  2. Amazing! They look fantastic individually and all together. They will be some seriously lucky girls at christmas time

  3. I thought your attempts at sketching were brilliant and cannot understand why you didn't consider the Madi you did do good enough. All three cushions are beautiful!


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