Friday, 7 October 2011

Another Cushion Start

I've made a start on another cushion pressie for one of my nieces using this little lot of Riley Blake gorgeousness -

Isn't that brolly fabric just so cute?

This will be the front piece and then I'll do a wee bit of quilting in the ditch to hold it all together and then, if all goes to plan (she says very cautiously), I'm going to try a wee bit of hand-quilting with perle cottons to pick out a few of the umbrellas in the central panel.

And, if all that goes well, I might try something else new to me when I make-up the cushion back, but more of that another time (I hope)!


  1. Love the brolly fabric. I can just see a nice bag in those fabrics too

  2. It'll all go to plan. And that umbrella fabric is sweet. You are going to have Christmas sorted at this rate!

  3. Ooo I like the colours! I'm another cushion stitcher and I just found you via Susan, Hello!

  4. This is going to be gorgeous, love those brollies and hand quilting will set them off perfectly!

  5. Looking great so far! Go for it! Jxo

  6. I LOVE these fabrics. The way you have them laid out in the first photo I thought you were going to make a pillowcase. I seem to see pillowcases a lot!


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