Sunday, 3 April 2011

Room to grow

My increasing interest and activity in all things sewing has begun to take over in all sorts of areas of the house lately.  The kitchen table is frequently commandeered for rotary cutting.  The living room has a corner which at best has the sewing machine set up ready to whirr, and more often looks like a quilting explosion with machines, equipment, ironing board, iron, fabrics, wadding, threads on the carpet ... well, you get the picture.  Can you imagine what it was doing to a tidy freak to be the person responsible for all this mess?!  It's very confusing when you start giving off to yourself!

Time for a solution.  I have always had a hope in the back of my mind that one day I could have a proper sewing space and with a little encouragement from my friend Judith I decided to repurpose the guest room.  After all, four guests in 10 years hardly constitutes the need for permanently dedicated guest space!  As with all good spare rooms it has also been the place where everything gets dumped while waiting for a rightful home, so there was some sorting to do.

Could a guest even have got into this bed?

Crammed bookcase which has to stay but needed a tidy up!

I donated the bed to my son whose own cabin bed was very much the worse for wear, and this opened up space for the two tables.

Space created and remaining furniture shuffled
to see what might be possible.
Woohoo - a sewing table and a cutting table! 

I can hardly believe how much table top space there is!

As I dismantled the cabin bed in my son's room I was struck with inspiration to keep the base board for the purpose of turning it into a design board. Design wall would be too grand a name as it's only 1m x 0.5m , but with a little bit of wadding stapled on this will be just the ticket.

A design-board-to-be

There's still a bit of work to do to re-organise the storage and bring everything together so it becomes operationally improved, but I am so excited and blessed to have this space to develop in.

I did tidy the bookcases and freed up a few shelves  ...

... and some space across the top.

Big thanks to my hubby who supported the repurposing even though it meant a trip to Ikea, some furniture shifting and some minor DIY - none of his favourite pastimes!  Thanks, lovely hubs.


  1. Yay! Hooray for dedicated sewing space! :)

  2. You're a true addict now! Life will never be the same again! Hooray for sewing rooms! Jxo


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