Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter is Getting Closer

School's out for Easter today here in Northern Ireland and there was even some lovely sunshine to herald the Easter season!  Had a bit of a surprise when I collected my lovely son from school at lunchtime and we had to make room in the back of the car for his enormous Easter win!

Easter Charity Basket winner!
The rabbit has been named Rolly and I think the chocolate is being eyed up by more than one of us!

Back to business... I got to go back to class last night which was so lovely, although must admit I did a lot of catch up chatting and not enough sewing last night (everybody is flagging and in need of the upcoming Easter break, I think).  Anyway, during the week I changed my mind about making a larger basket at the class as I had previously blogged.  Instead, I thought I'd have a go at shrinking the original basket size just a bit and making into a little basket to hold the log cabin coasters we'll be tackling next week.  How's that for forward thinking? (Easter hostess gift for my mother-in-law.)

A few calculations, a little tweak or two here and there, some stash fabric and an old lemon shirt ...

Gathering supplies ...

Eh Voila!

Next up, making some log cabin coasters to fill it.  This will be a  real test of keeping things square - little things are not so forgiving!

Both of my baskets from the class.


  1. How funny that Andrew should win a gynormous Easter egg after our conversation last night about too many chocolate eggs! Hilarious! Jxo

  2. Great photo of your son and well done to him winning that huge basket of goodies. Nicely made baskets my you too!!


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