Saturday, 23 April 2011

Coaster Basket and Some Goodies for me!

I have finished up the little coasters for the basket.  Even with a slight wonk to their edges I think they're sweet.

Log Cabin Coasters

Coasters snug in their basket.

Here's a wee peek at a pressie from my lovely mum.  She has been on holidays in Florida for the last 4 weeks and look what goodies she brought me all the way from JoAnns -

Click on the pic for a better view of these lovelies.

2 mini- jelly rolls - fab!

I am green with envy that US folk can pick up these little fqs for 99c!  I have read some comments about JoAnns - some folk love it, some seem to hate it - but I have to say if we had one in the UK I'd definitely be a fan!  UK readers will understand my awe at this amazing fabric price.  Okay so they may not be designer fabrics but they are cute and gorgeous and they are about a quarter of the price we pay here for fqs!  Rock on JoAnns!  And mum, you can bring me back these kind of goodies any time - thank you so much!


  1. Such nice fabrics and the price! I am sick with envy too. We should start a petition that JoAnns start a few branches over here. And that is a lovely present for your mother. Lucky her. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  2. How lovely are your coasters/basket set!!! I hope your mum-in-law loved them. Your mum chose well, you'll have great fun deciding on how to use them. Jxo

  3. My stupid email is not being polite to me so thought I would send you a quick message this way. Thanks for the comment on my scrappy quilt. I had fun doing that one because there wasn't a plan so could just wing it. You have been quiet lately so I do hope that all is okay and that you have been getting some time to play at the sewing machine too. Enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend.

  4. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog, I love seeing more uk blogs. I have to ask where is Joanns in Florida? im going to Orlando next month and just have to go find one! :-)

  5. I love basket for the coasters, what a great idea and they are fantastic


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