Sunday, 10 April 2011

Class Withdrawal Symptoms

Ok, so I had to take a few weeks break from going to my classes (4 to be precise) because of a number of family-life events happening.  Who knew that I would miss the direction and inspiration of the tutor and the motivation and company of others so much?

Thank goodness class is back in the diary though.  I haven't even squeaked that due to hubby's work commitments and lack of babysitter I had to miss the first week of the new project (making it 5 weeks of no class!).  Well, all right maybe I squeaked a little!  But here we are, the new week is beginning and I can go to class this week!!!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!!!

Easter Baskets and fabric coasters are on the menu for the next couple of weeks just until the holiday break.  I was able to do some participating in spirit on Thursday night and got started by myself.  Isn't this cute?

Sorry it's a little out of focus.

And yes, it's purple again!
It's quite a tiny basket, so maybe this week I'll attempt the slightly larger version and then on to coasters in week 3.  Need to decide who might like a set of coasters and hope there's a suitable fabric or two in my small stash.

If you happen to be reading this blog from somewhere in Northern Ireland and fancy coming along to a wee patchwork/sewing class during your week take a look at Judith's blog for details of her classes which she holds in Belfast.  She has some smashing projects lined up for the summer term - Friday mornings, Thursday nights and a few one day workshops.  She is also holding a Summer Sewing School (one Sat a month through the summer) for anyone who would really like to get to grips with some of the basics in a beginner-friendly environment.  If you're tempted - give in!

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  1. Awww! Your wee basket is sooooo cute! And thanks for the plug too - you really should consider being my PR, PA, Business Advisor and Marketing Mananger!! Jxo


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