Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stash Beginnings

Being relatively new to regular stitching I haven't yet managed to accumulate the "stash" which will make me a "real" patchworker (chuckle).  Yes, I've recently discovered some long forgotten (like 10 years ago) fabrics which could help me on my way but certainly not enough to become a stash - must be said fabrics have also come a long way in the 10 years since I bought these lost ones (mainly country-esque).  Anyway, with the help of some newly discovered UK fabric websites and the assistance of January sale offers I have the beginnings of a stash happening- look at these....

I felt the need for some pink loveliness - Heather Bailey and Amy Butler feature in this little lot!

Moda Verna - 99p fq bargains!

Cheap and cheerful Jan Sales winners :)

Some were as little as 75p and 99p a fat quarter, there are even a couple of Moda Verna prints I picked up for 99p/fq and Amy Butler prints at £1.50/fq.  I love a bargain!  Those of you still interested in a January sale bargain should check out M is for Make and Prints to Polka Dots for some fab offers.


  1. Congratulations on your bargins. I love the fabrics you got. I am not sure of the shipping or anything but I would like to tell you about a shop I go to on line. I usually can find things there a little cheaper than anywhere else unless it is on sale. It is always fun to hunt for fabric and then get a good deal.

  2. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!!! Just looking at beautiful fabric gives me pleasure, nevermind turning them into wonderful makes. You'd better not hide these ones away for 10 years! Jxo


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