Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hand-stitched Hexagons

Although I am learning more and more about sewing and patchworking with modern methods which really speed things up, there are times when I just enjoy going back to a little bit of hand sewing and for that hexagons are right up there as my favourite.  Last summer I went through a process of determining that I needed to focus a little more on the past-time (sewing generally, not just hand-sewing) that brings me so much pleasure and satisfaction and that to build it in to the weekly lists of other responsibilities could in fact be truly a benefit to my general and mental well-being.

As an initiator to that I unearthed some fabric I had purchased before my son was born (9 years ago, no less!!), cut out lots of 1" hexagons and set myself up with a little project box to take away on our summer hols to the Lake District.  It was a great way to have a little "me" time while my boys were away mountain-biking and climbing, and was a great beginning to a new project.

Great little project box - gotta love IKEA!

I just find that there is something calming, almost therapeutic about stitching by hand and it has the added benefits of being portable and sociable (I can stitch away happily with the family around me rather than being squirreled away on my own where there is enough space to have a machine all set up).

The hexagon quilt is just kind of evolving as I go along, there wasn't much of a plan beyond an idea of some hexie flowers with a calico pathway.  I have learned from making the quillow that the lap quilt kind of size is probably about right for my current skill/ability level so I am now working towards that.  Once I get the body of it sorted I'll have to think how on earth to border and bind it - it all seemed pretty easy when I just started with a few hexagons that I took on holiday last summer!  Still, one step at a time.  Here's how it looks so far ...

There is still quite a bit of work involved but I'm delighted with how it's shaping up and I love the red, gold, brown and cream colour choices -  not the most modern of fabrics but very warming and cosy looking.  Will let you in on progress as it happens - just don't be holding your breath too hard!


  1. I agree sewing is therapeutic and well worth prioritising for general well being. Your hexie quilt is evolving nicely and no where does it say everything must be fast to finish!

  2. Loving your hex quilt. Check out this link for an idea on how to finish/border it. Jxo

  3. Glad you found my binding tut helpful. Amy's border tut that the commenter above mentioned is excellent too. I couldn't find you email on your profile so I thought I would write here!


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