Thursday, 13 January 2011

Simply Lovely

I'm not quite at the level of being one of those crafters who can whip up a pressie at a few hours notice (I just aspire to be) but I must say I even managed to impress myself last night.  My 9 year old son has a huge and generous heart and when he told me that one of his friends at school has a new baby sister he said he wanted to give something to the newborn - a little girl called Lucy.  I'm a big believer in encouraging generosity in our children and maybe one day his future wife (wherever she may be) will thank me for nurturing this side of his nature!  So, I said we'd think of something and here's what I thought of ...

It was a quick stitch - just took one evening.  I know it's fairly simple but I didn't have a pattern so I had to work out all the cutting measurements for myself (I'm definitely learning something).  I have kind of fallen in love with the pink girlieness of it - not often much call for pink and girly in a house where there are 2 very outdoorsy males!  I'll bet some of you could do this beginners' project in minutes few, but nevertheless I am delighted that I was able to carry it off. There were a few desperate moments when I realised the one white fabric I possess was only a smallish piece and I need it for my sewing class which starts tonight.  Some careful calculations and anxious cutting later I managed to eek enough squares for my class project and the squares and log cabin borders for this cushion with just a 4" square left over!  I really will have to add some more whites and simple fabrics to my stash (which is just in it's early days, not like some of you who have fabulous stashes) so that this type of fun gifting project is possible at short notice.  I also greatly appreciated the 69p cushion filler from IKEA that I hadn't used up yet.  It was just 14" square but perfect for a little cushion gift.

So, pressie wrapped and off to school, I'm now getting really excited to get back to see the "girls" (who are we kidding?) at the sewing class tonight.  See, I'm all ready with my fabrics ....

Bring it on!


  1. Love it! Sometimes it's the simple things that are the most beautiful. I especially love the embroidered name - what a personalised gift. Priceless! Jxo

  2. hello,
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    and thank you for the compliment :)))
    I greet from Poland

    P.S. sorry... I can't say good in english


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