Thursday, 24 September 2020

Kindred Spirits QAL - Week 2


Week 2 of the Kindred Spirits QAL has been all about regular straight piecing.  Maintaining my scrappy approach, I haven't made identical Grandmother's Cross blocks, and that meant I got to play with lots of beautiful colours!

You can maybe just about tell from the photograph that my first block (the purple/orange one) is a good quarter of an inch too big.  I have been using my Janome machine this week as my Pfaff is in for a service and I forgot that my quarter inch foot on the Janome is already a scant quarter.  Consequently, all of my seams are a little too scant resulting in a larger block than is required.  The second block is grand (even if I might catch a few of those points when it gets stitched in to the quilt top).  

I think that I will re-make the first block in a few weeks when I have more time.  I might also switch out the two centre squares in it while I'm there as they aren't providing enough contrast with the orange ones.  Maybe a little aqua print would work better?

Another lovely week of Kindred Spirits QAL.  Next week is all about curves to grow a sunflower!!

There's still plenty of time for you to join the Kindred Spirits QAL class if you'd like to have a go.  Just visit the Just Jude Website for all you need to know.

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