Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Kindred Spirits QAL - Week 1

When I first saw the design for this quilt I decided that the pretty little block in the top right, just beneath the Flying geese was going to be my nemesis here.  Everything else looks fairly familiar and possible under Judith's tutelage, but that one was going to make me squirm.  And, what do you know, it's Block 1 of the QAL 😖 !!!

So, I calmly chose my background and three fabrics to incorporate in the block and then sat down to listen to Judith's video tutorial.  I find it so calming to hear Judith's clear, measured instruction and my trepidation (because machine appliqué isn't really my forte) dissolves as I watch her methodical process.

After testing my stitch lengths and widths just as Judith demonstrated, I was off VERY SLOWLY.  I used that little slider speed control on my Janome to restrict how fast I could go just so I didn't accidentally get happy feet and rush into disaster.  There was much tongue sticking out in concentration for this little Friendship Reel block, I assure you!

You can see that my curves became less wobbly as I progressed around that centre shape (the very top curve of the photo has some distinct hiccups occurring).

As my curves smoothed out, my confidence grew and even though I kept my speed at granny's driving pace I managed to get around all those twists and turns in a relatively neat fashion.

So much so that I'm not even embarrassed to show you this close up - yay! Sarah -1, nemesis - 0!  What a great start to the QAL.  I am so looking forward to next Monday for the next blocks!!

For all of the details on this fabulous QAL, please go to Just Jude Designs. Registration is easy and it's not too late.


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