Friday, 1 March 2019

Mini Archie's February Furtle

Archie The Wonder Dog

It's time for the second of Mini Archie's Furtles Around the Blogosphere - didn't that come around quickly?

Well, my February stitching got off to a great start ...

 Cosy Christmas was bound and labelled to complete the quilt-a-long started over 2 years ago!

I whipped up a 30s Repro fabrics cushion just to scratch an itch after seeing a new tutorial.

I also completed a trio of Bonnie & Camille cushions that I had been piecing.  Love these ones.

All of that came together nicely as the projects were already well advanced as February began.

Then I worked at this quilt for my son, but got stuck in the disaster that was my quilting effort (more here).  So, things have kind of stalled as a result of the unpicking delay and real life just increasing the pace again.  

This yarn is not as neon as it appears.  It's actually a nice coral shade of pink.

Of course, in a classic avoidance tactic I then allowed myself to get distracted by Pinterest, a crochet hook and two balls of yarn I unearthed.  A little virus shawl is coming along nicely, but needless to say the unpicking is not!! Will I never learn?  I think in March I really need to face up to the unpicking and maybe even brave re-quilting ;-)

So, there you have it - mixed month for me.  Off now to see how the other Furtlers have fared in February.


  1. You have lots of beautiful finishes in February. Your quilts and cushion looks great and I love your crochet :)

  2. Oh brava on finishing a 2 year project! I bet that felt great! :D Your cushions are perfectly plump and delicious! I feel you on having to unpick quilting, it can be so hard to get some of those stitches out. I try to focus on reminding myself that there's another 4" I won't have to unpick rather than how much is still left. Sometimes it helps, as does saying well, I'll unpick 4" or one block, and once I've started it's easier to keep going. Perhaps that might work for you?
    That crochet is *delicious*! *heart eyes* I can see why you'd fall into it--amazing pattern!
    Hazel (Wordpress, no matter what Blogger says)

  3. Your makes are simply mouth-watering, Sarah, and I especially love the beautiful cushions .

  4. Cosy Christmas is gorgeous, as are your cushions! I can quite see why you abandoned the quilt unpicking and started something new - maybe you could unpick the quilting from between the layers rather than from the top? And see if a friend fancies a few hours of film watching while unpicking...


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