Thursday, 21 February 2019

Your comments

Apologies to those of you who have kindly left comments on my posts for the last few weeks.  Seems Google/Blogger is at it again and not notifying me by email of comments left, so I've missed them.  The fix I found before doesn't seem to have worked this time, so I'm stumped.  Until this is resolved, I will try to reply to your comments in the comment thread.  Thank you for still wanting to join in the conversation!

Edited to add:  It seems Blogger won't publish my replies to your comments in the comments thread either!  A couple of your comments have come through by email now but a number of days late.  Not sure what's going on.  If I were sceptical, given these and the recent problems with Blogger, I'd say Google is wanting to make it difficult for people so they opt out of this free offering. But I'd only say that if I were sceptical ;-)

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