Thursday, 7 February 2019

30s Repro Fabric Cushion

Recently, I was sorting the leftovers from the 30s repro fabric quilt I made last winter (above) and about the same time Sedef Imer's Scandi Throw Pillow tutorial popped up on Amy's blog. It seemed as good a prompt as any to make a co-ordinating cushion cover for the quilt.  (Any excuse, really.)

I chose to use 8 different fabrics in my cushion instead of 4 like Sedef's tutorial and I also enlarged the cushion to 18.5", so I was forced to do a little recalculating of the cutting but it worked out reasonably well, even if there are some rather large offcuts from this project.

It was really quite simple to stitch together after that, and you can see below that I didn't over complicate the quilting either.  In the ditches and 1" echoing for simplicity and speed.

Dolly seems to approve and I like the larger bold pieces of this cushion front.  They should work well with the chunky piecing of the quilt too.

Although this photo makes the backing dimensions look odd, they're not really.  Must be the angle I took the pic from.  This is my go to means of backing a cushion, courtesy of Judith's fab tutorial which is very easily upscaled from her 16.5" cushion dimensions.

Definitely scratched an itch with this project (saw a new tutorial and had to make) and used up more fabrics already in my possession.  All good!!

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