Friday, 15 June 2018

Something to think about

Have you ever started a project, left it for a while and when you came back to it wondered what to do with it again?

I feel that way about these hexie diamonds, as I refer to them.

I think when I first cut a gazillion hexagons from my B&C stash I had thoughts of a quilt laid out in a diamond grid with a pathway of white/cream hexies separating them like sashing.

Three years on, and only 6 hexie diamonds actually stitched (!!!), I don't know how I feel about this project.

Have I stopped liking it?

Am I just disappointed because it's so lacking in progress?

What to do next -

do I hide it back under the bed and hope one day to be struck with inspiration? or that it might in fact just get 'lost'?

or do I make up more diamonds and see what happens? - there are many, many more hexies already cut for the purpose.

It has potential and options, doesn't it?

Maybe I could learn to love it again if I just spent some time with it.  I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet, I don't think. And, if it's the design I'm not so hot about any more, that can always be played around with later, right?

Perhaps I should nudge it up from that UFO list on the left over there into the WIPs?  Oh, go on then!


  1. I really like the bottom layout, no doubt it will all get finished one day. I am slowly putting together a hexie quilt that I started about 4 years ago, one day it will be finished.
    You will be proud of though, yesterday I finally cut into my B and C stash. I nearly cried, but eventually I will have a circle appliqué quilt. Why do i get so emotionally attached to fabric!!!

  2. It looks gorgeous and it would be terrible sad not to finish this project. Sometimes when the amount of work to be done is so big it can be overwhelming. It would definitely scare me and fear would stop me from making progress. Then I have to take a deep breath, give me enough time and take one stitch at a time. Dont expect a fast finish and enjoy the progress. You might fall in love again ��

  3. I like that last layout and if you're wanting a quicker finish because you're nearly done, well, make it up and let it be a medallion quilt. I wouldn't bail just yet.


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